Our CCTV Services

3d Computers is able to provide CCTV solutions for both homes and businesses. We specialize in IP and AHD cameras and can fit a wide variety of camera types to suit your needs. We offer free consultations and quotations for CCTV solutions. We quote, supply, and install cameras and NVRs/DVRs using only the best products from our CCTV hardware partners.

Cameras We Supply

Bullet Cameras

Usually feature better optical zoom capabilities and other unique features that the large form factor can fit.

Dome Cameras

Enclosed unit ensures anti-vandal protection. Tinted domes can conceal the position of the camera for better surveillance.

PTZ Cameras

Pan tilt zoom cameras are able to be adjusted by an operator for better surveillance. Usually best outdoors or in large indoor areas.

Night Vision

IR illumination helps these cameras in low light conditions. Nightvision features are common in many cameras.


Varifocal cameras are able to zoom much more than standard cameras without sacrificing picture quality.

Numberplate Recognition

Numberplate recognition cameras feature built-in video analysing firmware that tracks and detects numberplates of moving or stationary vehicles.

IP Cameras

IP or networked cameras are capable of high capture resolutions and are convenient to install as most can be powered and send video/audio data through a single ethernet cable.
The cameras themselves can be more expensive than traditional analog cameras but installation costs are usually lower.

Networked cameras also have the added benefit of being able to be run as a standalone camera without a NVR. Besides this, IP cameras can also feature data encryption between the camera and the NVR or computer for added security.

IP cameras can transmit video data a long distance using ethernet repeaters, this can increase the cost of installation but in these instances you can also opt for wireless cameras instead.

AHD Cameras

AHD (Analog High Definition) cameras are generally cost effective and can be cheaper to install if cables from a previous CCTV installation are still usable.

The cameras are generally cheaper than networked cameras due to analog technology being much older and requiring seperate power and video transmission cables.
Analog cameras require a recorder in order to capture and display an image.

As the cameras are analog, they can record up to 1080p quality footage. AHD cameras are able to carry video signals much further than IP cameras with ethernet connections. This will reduce the installation cost if your property is considerably large.

Our Partners

We work closely with our partners to provide our customers with high quality hardware and solutions specific to their needs. Here are a few of our CCTV partners.